Konami has multiple projects ‘quietly underway’

Konami teases that it has multiple projects “quietly underway” which sparked excitement amongst its loyal fan base.

In a special end-of-year issue of Famitsu, Konami mentioned “new games for well-known series’” and implied that 2023 and beyond could be a flourishing time for the Japanese publisher/developer.

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Konami teases multiple projects are underway

While wishing fans a Happy New Year, Konami also teased that new announcements could be made with multiple projects “deeply and quietly underway”. 

Furthermore, It was also stated that the company is “planning new games for well-known series, with the aim of making even greater strides.

Konami continued: “In addition, new projects that we have yet to announce to you are also deeply and quietly underway. Please look forward to Konami’s future announcements.

silent hill 2
Credit: Konami

Which Konami franchises will return?

Of course, Konami hasn’t outright said which series will be making a return. However, considering that we already know that a Silent Hill 2 remake and more are on the way, fans are hopeful to see the likes of Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania revived.

Back in November 2022, God of War Ragnarok director, Eric Williams said that he would love to develop a new Castlevania game and pleaded with Konami to “make it happen”.

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Rumours of MGS remakes are making the rounds

What’s more, rumours have also been circulating that the original Metal Gear Solid or MGS3 could receive a remake. However, there seem to be no whispers of MGS2 receiving the same treatment, sadly.

Finally, which popular Konami franchises do you hope to see return in 2023 and beyond? Let us know across our social media channels.

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