Starfield Metacritic Score Rapidly Decreases After A Series Of Low Ratings

Now officially launched, Bethesda’s latest sci-fi RPG Starfield has seen its Metacritic score decrease dramatically after a series of low ratings. 

Despite being rewarded with positive critic reviews since the game was first released in early access, Starfield has now found itself on the other end of the review scale.

This news comes after its user score on review site Metacritic dropped to 5.4 with 304 mixed reviews and 1,429 negative reviews at the time of writing. 

Starfield Metacritic Score Decreases After A Series Of Low Ratings 

With successful games such as Skyrim and Fallout 4 under their belt, Starfield was one of 2023’s most anticipated games thanks to Bethesda’s track record.

Releasing on September 1 to early access and launching fully on September 6, the sci-fi adventure is now in players hands and some of them are less than impressed.

Despite some players getting angry over the game’s inclusion of a pronoun picker for your main character, others are unhappy about the game’s legitimate problems. 

A Few Issues

Many of the negative reviews draw attention to the game’s exploration system. Whilst Bethesda promised a galaxy inhabited by thousands of planets with unlimited exploration, some players have noticed that this is not the case.

Unlike fellow space exploration game No Man’s Sky, Starfield will place boundaries on space and planet traversal, forcing you back if you wander too far. 

Exploration can be limited (Credit: Eurogamer)

As well as this, some players are unhappy with the infinite amount of loading screens. 

“Enter your ship – > loading screen -> sit at console and “take off” -> loading screen -> choose new planet -> loading screen -> select landing site on planet -> loading screen -> exit ship -> loading screen -> “explore” procedurally generated planet (kill a few bugs and scan some plants/rocks) -> fast travel back to ship -> loading screen -> go back to step one”, said one Metacritic review.

It remains to be seen how the score will change over the next few days but with Starfield being Bethesda’s biggest launch of all time, it could be a lot worse.

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