The Last of Us Season 2 Release Date – everything you need to know

When is The Last of Us Season 2 release date? With season one of HBO’s The Last of Us sadly ending, fans are looking ahead to season two. Luckily, Bella Ramsey has some answers for us. 

Ramsey, the actor who brought Ellie to life recently appeared on UK chat show, The Jonathan Ross show. It was here she was questioned about the video game adaption, including when fans can hope to see the second season. 

The Last of Us Season 2 Release Date

Although their answer was expected, fans are still sad that they will have to wait a while to see what happens next. 

“It will be a while,” Ramsey said. “I think we’ll probably shoot at the end of this year, beginning of next. So it’ll probably be at the end of 2024, early 2025.”

Season two will be primarily focusing on the events of its game alternative, The Last of Us Part 2. However, screenwriter Craig Mazin has recently spoken out about how the show will incorporate the unseen moments between the games. We may even see more than two seasons.

“Obviously there’s a lot more story to tell that exists. The second game is much bigger than the first, the amount of story there is much larger,” Mazin said. “So the positive thing is it’s not like, oh, there’s just one more season. I think that there is more than one more season to do.”

What else will be new for season 2?

The following contains light spoilers from The Last of Us Part 2

For fans of the games, investigations have already started going on around who will play some of the sequel’s main characters. Who will play the game’s antagonist Abby still remains to be seen as well as siblings, Lev and Yara. 

Screenshot of Abby from The Last of Us Part 2. We will hopefully receive more news about her with The Last of Us 2 Release Date
Credit: Polygon

However, we may have already got a glimpse of Ellie’s girlfriend, Dina during season one. 

It has also recently been confirmed that Ramsey will be reprising her role as Ellie for season two. It seems co-writer Neil Druckmann alongside Mazin are adamant about this decision. 

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So with a The Last of Us Season 2 release date somewhere between the end of 2024 and early 2025, we have some waiting to do. However with the success of season one, many will think it will be worth it.

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