Steam Is Now Being Haunted By Sound Effects From Amnesia

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a classic horror game for many reasons, and one of those many reasons is its impressive and immersive use of sound.

Whether you’re listening out for the water monster, hearing the sound of someone being stabbed or being tormented by the sound of your own footsteps, Amnesia‘s sound effects are undeniably creepy AF.

Credit: Frictional Games

The only thing that’s scarier than hearing the terrifying sounds when playing Amnesia is hearing the terrifying sounds when NOT playing Amnesia, and yet it seems to be happening to Steam users across the globe [via PCGamer].

A Redditor by the name of YouNiqueUser posted on the r/Steam subreddit, sharing a screenshot of their computer with the question: “TWICE now these ominous sounds have started playing on their own when I was AFK. Once several months ago and once again a couple days ago. Anyone know what they are and/or how to delete them?”

Credit: Valve/YouNiqueUser

In response, one commenter asked: “Are you serious? It’s been happening to me to, and its freaking me the f*ck out. Do you have Amnesia: The Dark Descent?”

Yup, the spooky AF noises are straight out of one of Steam’s most terrifying games, and no-one quite knows why. Steam’s music player is apparently playing the sound effects randomly – even if you don’t have the game in your library.

Credit: Frictional Games

“I don’t even own [Amnesia] and I got the files,” one Steam player wrote. “Don’t know how, I’m too much of a chicken to play the game. It started last week for me, every now and again I here grunting and other ominous sounds.”

Other people have reported hearing sounds from Minecraft, Dota 2 and more.

Credit: Frictional Games

Valve has yet to comment on the creepy phenomenon.


Featured Image Credit: Frictional Games