Steam’s ‘Recent News’ Tab Is Promoting The Epic Games Store

The rivalry between Steam and the Epic Games Store continues on, with the two storefronts battling it out in a war that’s definitely more than a little one-sided.

Thing have definitely seemed to have taken a turn for the more interesting though, as Reddit users have been sharing evidence of the Epic Games Store being advertised on – you guessed it – Steam.

A Redditor by the name of Frimano shared the following screenshot, in which it appears that Steam’s ‘recent news’ is proudly showing off an ad for the Epic Store. Yikes.

Credit: Valve/u/Frimano

According to one user, the mistake comes from how the news feature is run.

The Redditor writes: “The news feature pulls from a few trusted sources… and relies on their tagging. That article has a section about Civ V, so it gets the Civ V tag, and therefore shows up. Obviously it’s not really very much about Civ V, but it is sort of. Hard to design a system to handle that kind of thing I guess.”

Credit: Valve

It’s expected to be fixed by the time Steam’s new look gets rolled out.

Despite a slew of ‘Epic Store Exclusive’ games headed to PC only through Epic’s client, Steam gamers and Valve fans are doubling down and refusing to migrate to the new store.

Credit: Epic Games

Amid concerns over security fears and the general dislike for how the Epic Store is run, many gamers are choosing to turn their backs on Epic and its exclusives, in favour of Valve’s Steam.

Epic’s next huge exclusive is the upcoming Borderlands 3, which is due out in September of this year. It’ll definitely be interesting to see if and how one of the biggest games of the year might have its PC sales affected by its exclusivity…

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games