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Stranger Things Theory Brings Back Shocking Character

After all was said and done with Stranger Things series 3, a lot had gone down. Of course, our beloved Detective Jim Hopper was out of the picture, and the antagonist/bad boy Billy had completed his turn to the good – before being brutally killed by mind flayer.

There have been fan theories and rumours aplenty about how exactly Hopper could survive- but now there is a theory that Billy could be back in series 4, shaking off the shackles of the mind flayer.

Credit: Netflix

They say that Billy is ‘The American’ spoken about in the final seconds of series three – and to be fair, it makes sense for Billy too somehow survive, thanks to one line of dialogue.


“He made me do it,” a phrase spoken by both Will Byers and Billy after they shook off the influence of the evil Mind Flayer.

Having Billy return makes a lot of sense, especially as the shock value of his return would be much higher than Hopper’s – because let’s face it, everyone and their cat expects him to return now.

He’d have a perfect redemption arc, that would push him past the small moment of redemption that was offered in season three’s finale – and he could finally confront his father, Neil.


Fans will remember that Neil was physically and emotionally abusive to Billy – but this was never given proper closure – and his return could lead to a confrontation.

Either way, we cannot wait for season four of Stranger Things.

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