Sci-fi Cat Simulator ‘Stray’ Gets A Summer Release Window

Stray, the futuristic, cyberpunk game where you play as a cat, now has a release window of some time this summer. 

We all love a game that lets you pet the cat. But what’s even better than that is a game that lets you be the cat. Stray is just that, and it’s one that’s set in an incredibly beautiful, cyberpunk city. While the game has been in development since 2015, it was reintroduced to the world back in 2020 at a State of Play from PlayStation.

We did get a more in depth trailer showing off gameplay last year. And earlier this year there was confirmation it was still on track to release this year, despite an initial promise of an early 2022 release. Now, thanks to a recent tweet from PlayStation, we know that Stray is coming to PS5 this summer. 

The tweet advertises both Stray as well as two other indie games. One is We Are OFK, an interactive animated series that follows the fictional band OFK. And the other is Cult of the Lamb, a cute but dark game where you play as a possessed lamb trying to build up a cult. A real variety of tastes in one tweet.

Stray definitely looks like it’s one for cat and sci-fi lovers alike. The gameplay trailer from earlier this year showed off an incredibly detailed world. And playing as a cat definitely offers some unique gameplay experiences that playing as some kind of humanoid wouldn’t. 

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Featured Image Credit: BlueTwelve Studio/ Annapurna Interactive