Struggling is a Ridiculous and Gross Physics Based Co-Op Platformer

Ridiculous physics based games are the kind of things that never fail to bring a smile to my face. Whether it’s awkwardly running a race in QWOP or clambering over each other in Mount Your Friends there’s something about it that releases that sweet serotonin. Granted the frustration of it all going wrong quickly replaces any positive effects of the serotonin but that’s OK!

Struggling is the latest entry in the world of physics based games, with a focus on multiplayer… and grossness. I mean look at the trailer below! It’s hideous and a big departure from what people normally expect from the games publisher, Frontier Developments. That’s because it’s the first game launched by Frontier Foundry.

YouTube video

What is Frontier Foundry?

Frontier Foundry is a fairly new publishing wing of Frontier with a focus on bringing games developed by others to the world. The first game from them is Struggling, developed by Chasing Rats Games. They’re also publishing Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition. This is a fairly big thing considering it was a game Frontier developed years ago. To see them now have the publishing rights as well shows how far they’ve come. They also have the extremely intriguing time-loop FPS Lemnis Gate on the horizon, which you can see more of below.

YouTube video

Tell me more about Struggling!

Enough about those games though you say? You’re here to find out more about Struggling! Although it’s a co-operative game you can still play it single player, which may be more to your liking. Especially as it’s the kind of game that can become infuriating in a co-op setting. Although we know half the fun is shouting at your co-op partner in a panic as you try not to fail.

You play as Troy, a mutated mound of flesh that can be controlled by up to two people. It is up to you to help Troy escape his captivity as a lab experiment and go forth into the world. As you progress you get to find out more about the world, unlock new powers and find new reasons to shout obscenities at a screen.

Credit: Frontier Foundry

Struggling is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch. There’s no word of it coming to other platforms but you can make sure to find out if it does here on GameByte! Find out more about Struggling over on the game’s website and enjoy a Let’s Play of the game from those lovable scamps Game Grumps below.

YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: Frontier Foundry