Super Mario Bros trailer gives first look at Peach and Donkey Kong

During a dedicated Nintendo Direct event, we got a brand-new trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie from Illumination.

For its brief two-minute duration, the trailer is packed full of character reveals, locations, power-ups, catchphrases and more. Oh, and we even got our first look at Prince Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen).

super mario bros movie donkey kong
Credit: Nintendo/Illumination

Super Mario gets into a fight with Donkey Kong!

The action-packed trailer begins with Mario getting into a fight with Donkey Kong on a stage inspired by his first appearance in 1981. It seems that Mario gets beaten up by the giant ape, however, we’re sure the plumber will eventually prevail.

Then we see Bowser interrogate Luigi asking for the location of a human that (kinda) fits his description. Obviously, Bowser is talking about Mario. This is followed up by our first look at Princess Peach in her wonderful castle located in the heart of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Princess Peach informs Mario that the fate of not only the Mushroom Kingdom but also many other galaxies is in his hands. Mario then begins his training inspired by some old-school platforming which looks like it’s straight out of Super Mario Maker.

super mario bros movie princess peach
Credit: Nintendo/Illumination

Mario Kart and Rainbow Road make an appearance

Before the trailer concludes, we get a quick glimpse at Mario wearing the Tanooki Suit, we see a field of Fire Power-up Plants as well as a horde of Yoshisaurs charging, somewhere.

Finally, we see some Mario Kart action on Rainbow Road before Chris Pratt, sorry, Mario yells “wahoo!”. All in all, it was another charming trailer for the Super Mario Bros animated movie and it will certainly get fans hyped for its arrival next year.

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When is the Super Mario Bros movie release date?

The Super Mario Bros. movie will be released in cinemas on March 31st, 2023 in the UK and  April 7th in the US. If you missed the first trailer, you can check it out here.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/Illumination