Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets A Limited Edition And It’s So Worth The Money 

You know what’s great? Super Smash Bros., and the new Ultimate version due out on the Nintendo Switch later this year looks absolutely perfect. 

Except for one thing…the controller. Because if there’s one thing Smash needs, it’s a chunky, clunky gamepad for all your button-bashing needs. It’s absolutely the way the game was intended to be played after all.

If you sorely miss the days of your GameCube controller then don’t worry Smash fans – Nintendo has you covered with its newly-announced limited edition version of the game. 

Yes, you’ll be able to pick yourself up a copy of the game complete with a Switch-compatible official GameCube controller – as well as the adapter it needs all in one neat little bundle.

Boxed up in some of the sleekest packaging we’ve ever seen, this limited bundle is the perfect addition to any hardcore collector’s shelf, and it’s definitely going to be an investment piece being limited edition. 

The bad news is that the bundle is only going to be available in Europe – for now at least – but maybe the rest of the world have something in store for them? Who knows. 

The bundle’s price hasn’t yet been unveiled, but really it’s worth whatever Nintendo want (in our opinion). 

Of course if you’re unable to get your hands on a limited edition pack, you can always pick yourself up a Switch-compatible GameCube controller online. They’re currently available for pre-order at Amazon for £29.99/$30.  

The controllers are due to release on 7th December 2018, as will the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game itself. 

Will you be picking up the limited edition version of the game, or are you happy with pre-ordering the controller on its own?  

Yesterday we were treated to a Smash-focused Nintendo Direct, which showed off the likes of Castlevania additions, as well as the revelation that the game will have over 300 stages. Yay!