Surgeon Simulator 2 Is Now Free For All NHS Staff

Surgeon Simulator 2 is definitely the weirdest, wackiest and least-realistic sim of the year, and now it’s going to be free for all NHS staff in the UK.

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Developer Bossa Studios today announced that it will be giving Surgeon Simulator 2 away for free to National Health Service (NHS) workers in the UK as part of its new “NHS: National Handout of Surgeon Simulator initiative – or NHSNHSS for short.” The move is a nice thank you to all the hardworking NHS staff who’ve helped the UK during the global pandemic.

“At Bossa, we’ve always envisioned Surgeon Simulator 2 as a valuable training tool for NHS workers to hone their healthcare skills!” said Henrique Olifiers, Bossa Studios’ Gamer-inChief and CEO in a press release.

Credit: Bossa Studios/NHS

“The Surgeon Simulator 2 community is frankly rubbish at saving Bob, so we think our players need to be shown how it’s really done.”

Doctors, nurses, surgeons and all other NHS workers with an active NHS email will be able to claim a free copy of the game on PC right now, via the website.

Credit: Bossa Studios

If you haven’t yet played Surgeon Simulator 2, it’s Surgeon Sim with a multiplayer element, making it the most fun and exciting romp you can have in these COVID-times.

Here’s a quote from GP Registrar, Dr. Idris Morgan, a real-life doctor who has endorsed the NHSNHSS campaign and the game.

“Surgeon Simulator 2 is absolutely NOT a viable medical training tool,” said Dr. Morgan.

Credit: Bossa Studios

“However, I do enjoy playing video games in my spare time and I’m confident medical
professionals around the world will find Bossa’s interpretation of medicine, and the possibility of five-second heart-transplants, very amusing.”

If you’re NHS staff, thanks for everything you do. Claim your free copy of Surgeon Simulator 2 on PC on the website now.

Featured Image Credit: Bossa Studios/NHS