Tag Heuer Has Announced a $2,000 Super Mario Smartwatch

Look, I’m going to level with you; I’m not even sure who would want this. However, the luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer has announced a $2,000 Mario themed smartwatch. This one is for the glamorous gamers out there, I guess?

Credit: Tag Heuer

Unveiled on Twitter, the smartwatch appears to be a redesign of the company’s existing Connected Wear OS smartwatch. Featuring Mario themed detailing and Mario’s iconic logo on the strap, the watch’s operating system also features a Nintendo inspired look.

If you’re a fan of exclusive, limited product runs, then you’ll also be pleased to know that only 2000 of these smartwatches will be produced. Therefore, if you’re really into Super Mario and have 2000 big ones lying around, you should probably grab one of these before the collector’s snaffle them up.

So, what does this Mario timepiece actually do? Well, according to Tag Heuer, Mario will greet the watch’s wearer with a friendly wave at the beginning of the day. Mario will also react to the users step count percentage with various animations, like eating mushrooms, jumping out of warp pipes and performing his iconic flagpole leap. Sounds pretty motivating!

Super Mario Smartwatch
Credit: Tag Heuer

Thankfully, despite the watch’s limited release, Tag Heuer has said that the software skin might come to more of its smartwatch products in the future. In other words, it might only be the physical watch itself that remains exclusive. You’ll still need to fork out a couple of grand, though.

To learn more about this exclusive Mario themed smartwatch, visit Tag Heuer’s website. While this luxury timepiece is a pretty expensive piece of merch, at least it’s not that $1.5m copy of Super Mario 64!

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Featured Image Credit: Tag Heuer