Team Up In Fortnite And You WILL Get Banned

Did you know that you can get banned if you team up in Fortnite whilst in solo mode? Whilst we’re not sure how hard Epic Games will crack down on it, they have confirmed that teaming with other players is against the rules. Fortnite teaming has gained some attention in the recent months with players desperate to get themselves a victory royale.

Can I get banned in Fortnite for Teaming?

In short, potentially. Whether you purposely join a solo game together with a friend or make an unlikely truce with a stranger whilst playing solo mode, you’re putting yourself at risk of being banned by Epic Games.

In this article, we look into the issue and provide information on everything we know about it so far.

Will You Get Banned In Fortnite If You Team In Solos?

To put it shortly, you can get banned in Fortnite if you team in solos. Whether you actually get banned or not will depend on if you’re caught.

If another player reports you and Epic Games sees that you were teaming with another player in solos, you could certainly be banned.

It’s not just in solos either. If you make an alliance with people that aren’t officially part of your team, you’ll be at risk of being banned, even if you’re playing squads or solos.

When asked about their stance on banning teamers, Epic Games mentioned that “Teaming in Solo is against the rules and will result in Epic Games taking action on accounts that participate in that behavior. Epic Games will continue to monitor games for players who break rules and play unfairly in all game modes.”

Are Epic Games doing anything about Fortnite teaming?

So, whilst Epic Games aren’t as likely to pull out the banhammer on teamers as they are for people actually using cheat software and hacks, they will consider taking action against those that do team.

If you do team regularly to get an unfair advantage over other players, you are more likely to be banned.

Has Anybody Been Banned For Teaming In Fortnite?

If you look this up on Google, you’ll find that many people have been banned for teaming in Fortnite. It’s clear that the issue is quite a big one and Epic Games are taking it seriously.

The good thing is that Epic Games don’t seem to be giving out permanent bans for teamers, at least not to begin with.

How long will I be banned for teaming in Fortnite?

As mentioned above there are very few posted about cases of people getting banned for teaming but there has been 3 days for the first offence and we assume that it will get more severe if you get caught again.

If Epic Games find that you’ve been teaming, they will most likely give your account a 3 day ban to begin with. We’re not sure whether they’ll increase the punishment if you continue to team after that.

To be on the safe side, you should avoid Fortnite teaming with anybody you know unless you’re actually in a party together and you’re playing duos or squads. If a player wants to create a truce in-game for whatever reason, you might be able to get away with letting them go their separate way, but if you start to work together to fight other players, you’ll be banned if you get caught.

Fortnite is free to play, so if you get banned you will be able to make another account. You will lose all of your progress on the Battle Tier and you’ll lose all cosmetic items you have unlocked. This includes all skins and emotes purchased directly with V-Bucks.

For this reason, we’d just suggest not teaming at all.

Is Teaming In Fortnite Unfair?

If you take a look at the battle royale genre, we can understand why you may think that teaming should be allowed. In books like the hunger games, characters usually team up and create alliances, so why can’t it be done in Fortnite?

It’s all about creating a fair playing environment. For example, if a group of 50 players decided to work together, they’d be giving themselves a huge advantage over the rest of the players on the server.

Even if just two players team up in solo mode, odds go in their way because they have more firepower and two sets of eyes to look out for enemies. This creates an unfair advantage against players that are actually playing on their own.

Squads and duo mode exists for those that want to play with their friends.

If you have a group of friends larger than 4, you could split up and go into two or three separate games, or take it in turns and swap out friends each turn. Luckily, most Fortnite games don’t last that long, so you should easily be able to create some kind of rotation system between your friends so that everybody has a chance to play with each other.

Does PUBG Also Ban Players For Teaming?

It’s not just Fortnite that bans players for teaming. PUBG Corp already made themselves clear that teaming is against the rules.

The punishment for teaming in PUBG seems to be even more severe, however. Some players have received permanent bans for teaming in Battlegrounds, and with the price of the game being $30, getting hold of another copy after being banned isn’t easy.

If you get banned on PUBG, your Steam profile will also have a permanent mark to let anybody know that visit your profile that you were banned for cheating.

Do You Think Teaming Should Be Allowed?

What are your thoughts on this Fortnite teaming? Do you think that it’s fair that players can be banned for teaming up in Fortnite and PUBG? Whilst some people do think that teaming should be allowed, the vast majority of players believe that teaming is cheating and all players that team up with players outside of their official matchmade squad should be banned.

Perhaps in the future we could see another battle royale game or a game mode with Fortnite or PUBG where teaming is allowed.

There’s already one game that has this kind of system. It’s called SOS and players are encouraged to forge alliances with other players. With SOS, players have to be extra cautious of players they’ve teamed up with, because the chance to be double-crossed by your teammates is always on the table.

Fortnite teaming is not very common, have you ever seen anybody teaming in Fortnite or even PUBG? Did you report them or did you let it slide?

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