Worms Studio Announces ‘Eco-Friendly NFTs’, Everyone Hates It

Team17 announced that it would be making Worms NFTs, but all tweets related to the announcement have since been deleted.

Remember Worms? The game about… worms that engage in military combat with one another. That everyone definitely remembers fondly? Well, Team17, developer of the series, have announced it is making Worms NFTs.

These “limited edition” computer-generated artworks will be sold by Reality Gaming Group. It uses a “side-chain” of the “Ethereum mainnet.” Apparently what this means that registering a Worms NFT is “environmentally friendly.” And if 100,000 people bought one, it would be equivalent to “the average annual kettle usage of just 11 households.” 

Team17 also planned to donate an amount of proceeds to NFT sustainability firm Coin 4 Planet. Specifically, the money will go to its Refeed Farms idea, which invests in worm beds which process food waste.

You can check out an example of what the Worms NFTs might look like on the MetaWorms website. And there’s an official Discord too, where some are being critical of NFTs as a whole.

Credit: Team17

what about the indies?

However, according to Eurogamer, numerous teams associated with Team17 were completely unaware of the planned NFTs. And others within Team17 itself were aware of the plans, who had voiced their concerns. But the project clearly has gone ahead anyway.

Team17 provided a statement to Eurogamer saying “Team17 is licencing the Worms brand to our newest third-party partner so they can produce collectible digital artwork based on one of the most beloved IPs in indie games, in a similar way to already available physical merchandise

“Team17 has no plans to introduce NFTs or play-to-earn NFT mechanics into any of its indie games label titles.”

Indie developer Aggro Crab games spoke out against the announcement of the project, saying it will not be working with Team 17 on future titles. 

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Featured Image Credit: Team17