Ninja takes Two Day Streaming Break and Loses 40,000 Twitch Subscribers

Ninja rose to Twitch stardom at the end of last year and transitioned this into even greater fame in 2018. He held his own Fortnite tournament earlier this year and then also won the Official Fortnite Pro am. This was held at E3 a few days ago. Ninja was teamed up with a celebrity called Marshmellow and managed to win the tournament along with $1,000,000 for his charity of choice.

During this time he took a break from streaming. He usually streams everyday for multiple hours. This was obviously a change that his audience wasn’t prepared for as he managed to lose 40,000 subscribers. Many streamers don’t even have anywhere near this number of subscribers never mind managing to lose that many.

If you are wondering how much this amounts to in actual money then it would be about $100,000 lost for that month. That is an awful lot to be missing out on but don’t worry Ninja reported to the American news that he was making over $500,000 a month. I don’t think he will mind too much.

Ninja had this to say on Twitter about the drop in subs:

He isn’t too upset about it though he said this when someone replied to him about the loss of subs:

The Twitch grind is real. This goes to prove that when you are at the top you have to work hard to stay there. Let this be a warning to new streamers about how much time you actually have to put in to make it in the Twitch game. (It’s an awful lot).

Ninja also said he didn’t mind too much as he managed to make $1,000,000 for charity which is incredible numbers.