The Callisto Protocol – patch rolls out to fix reported complaints

The Callisto Protocol developers are listening to complaints as a patch rolls out to fix reported bugs and issues.

Developed by Striking Distance Studios, The Callisto Protocol launched last week for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The game is considered to be a spiritual successor to Dead Space with the development led by Glen Schofield, the co-creator of the Dead Space series.

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The Callisto Protocol has faced some troubles

However, despite fans eagerly awaiting its arrival, some of that hype was tarnished by reported bugs and glitches. In particular, fans reported various performance issues with a stuttering framerate on PC.

As reported by Eurogamer, a patch for the PC version of the game was released over the weekend. While the console patch has begun to roll out. Much like the PC version, the game has suffered from framerate issues as well as crashes.

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Credit: Striking Distance Studios

However, according to tech experts Digital Foundry, while the PlayStation 5 version of the game seemingly runs fine, the same cannot be said for the Xbox Series X|S. In fact, Digital Foundry claimed that the PC version was deemed “almost unplayable” at launch with the Xbox version having “issues”.

Striking Distance Studios addresses issues

There are patches live for all consoles that should fix frame rate and crash issues that some of you have reported,” tweeted the official Callisto Protocol Twitter account. In a follow-up tweet, issues related to ray-tracing on Xbox Series X were also addressed and a fix is expected to arrive sometime this week.

The Callisto Protocol is out now

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The Callisto Protocol is out now for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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Featured Image Credit: Striking Distance Studios/Source: Eurogamer