BioWare released an in-game cinematic for Dragon Age Dreadwolf

BioWare, in celebration of Dragon Age Day, has released an in-game cinematic from the upcoming game, Dreadwolf! However, that is not all.

Over the weekend, BioWare celebrated the 5th annual Dragon Age Day. During the celebratory weekend, we were not only treated to the Dreadwolf cinematic, but also new posters for the forthcoming Netflix animated series as well as some Sims 4 DLC.

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We were treated to plenty of Dragon Age goodness!

The cinematic in question is presented in wonderful 2D art and is titled “Who is the Dread Wolf?”. What’s more, the video shares the story of Solas, narrated by the dwarf, Varric Tethras. It’s a snazzy cinematic. However, I think we all just want to see an actual gameplay trailer by now.

In terms of the Netflix series, Dragon Age: Absolution, posters featured some of the characters from the adaptation. Dragon Age: Absolution comes to Netflix on December 9th.

dragon age 4
Credit: EA/BioWare

The Sims 4 has free DLC!

As for Sims 4 fans, players can now sport Dragon Age-themed clothing in the game and best of all, the content is free and is available now.

When will Dragon Age Dreadwolf be released?

Dragon Age 4 (Dreadwolf) was first teased at The Game Awards in 2018. What’s more, alongside Mass Effect 5 at The Game Awards 2020, we also got a new trailer, but not a release date.

However, previous reports have claimed that it will be released sometime in 2023. It is also expected that the newest Dragon Age will not be released on last-gen consoles.

Mass Effect teaser image for new game
Credit: EA/BioWare

This month will officially be two years since Dragon Age: Dreadwolf was first revealed at The Game Awards in 2020. So, who knows, perhaps we’ll finally get that gameplay trailer this week.

The Game Awards 2022 will take place this week on December 9th. Just in case you missed them, you can check out all this year’s nominees here.

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Featured Image Credit: EA/BioWare