The Epic Games Store Is Finally Getting An Achievement System

The Epic Games Store is adding achievement functionality for the first time since the platform launched nearly three years ago.

The news of Epic Achievements was announced across the company’s social media channels. It was also revealed that Alan Wake Remastered will be among the first games implementing the new achievements.

‘Achievements (Almost) Unlocked‘ tweeted Epic Games. ‘Next week, we’ll be rolling out the new Epic Achievements system!

As of next week, players using the Epic Games Store will collect XP by earning the achievements. The games that players can earn achievements include Alan Wake Remastered, as well as Rocket League, Pillars of Eternity, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Zombie Army 4, and more. More games will be taking advantage of Epic Achievements in the coming months.

epic achievements
Credit: Epic Games

It’s worth mentioning that the Epic Games Store already had achievements, of sorts. About a year ago players could earn ‘developer achievements‘. These were owned and implemented by developers. However, the Epic Achievements concept is owned by Epic Games.

Developers can continue implementing their own achievements if they wish. Players who have previously earned developer achievements will have their progress carried over into the new Epic achievements system.

how will the Epic Achievements work?

It seems that the achievements will take more inspiration from the PlayStation Trophies rather than the Xbox Achievements. Players can earn four tiers of achievements, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

For each Epic Achievement earned, players will also collect XP. Each time a player earns XP, their Epic Games profile will also level up. Again, similar to PlayStation. Players can earn 5 to 45 XP (Bronze), 50 to 95 XP (Silver), 100 to 200 XP (Gold), and 250 XP for Platinum. The Platinum Achievement will be earned once the player has generated 1000 XP in a game.

epic achievements
Credit: Epic Games

As with Xbox Achievements, PlayStation Trophies, and Steam Achievements, players can track progress and share their gaming accomplishments with other players. Epic Games has also promised that new social features and details on player rewards will be shared later in the year. Could we see a discount system depending on a player’s XP level? Only time will tell.

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Featured Image Credit: Epic Games