The Epic Games Store Has A Huge Security Flaw That You Need To Be Aware Of

An Epic Games Store gamer has discovered a worrying lack of security on the site when it comes to creating your account. Sharing the story on Reddit, the user writes that they found multiple fraudulent accounts had been created using their email address, all because Epic doesn’t include an account validation email when joining.

Credit: Epic Games

In a post titled “Are people aware the Epic Store doesn’t even make you validate your email address when creating an account?”, the user says: “I found fraudulent accounts had been created using two different email addresses of mine on the Epic Store when attempting to create an account…

“I found it weird that searching back through my emails I had no record of any validation emails sent to me for setting up a new account on the Epic store.

“So I created a new account using a third address, and yep, Epic does not have the most basic step of an account validation email when setting up a profile. I cannot believe a mutli-billion dollar company doesn’t even have that basic of a security step for their customers.”

Credit: Epic Games

The post has been flooded with similar experiences from other users, with one saying they’d been receiving ‘Your Epic account was accessed/changed’ emails despite not having ever made an account. According to this Redditor, they managed to discover someone in Russia had created an account in their name.

The Epic Store, which is touted to be the biggest competitor to Steam, definitely isn’t winning favour with this lack of security.

Credit: Valve

The original poster added: “I actually wanted Epic to challenge Steam in the hopes it would shake Valve out of the complacency they’ve exhibited for years as the undisputed top dog of digital distribution, but there’s no way I’ll ever put payment information into an app this lax in user security.”

Epic Games has yet to comment on the issue.



Featured Image Credit: Epic Games