The First Glimpse Of Battlefield 5’s Battle Royale Mode Has Leaked

Battlefield 5‘s upcoming battle royale mode, known as Firestorm, is getting really close to release and now we’ve seen what appears to be some leaked in-game footage of what we can expect.

Over on Reddit, a user shared the following video under the caption: “Firestorm Tutorial.” Although the authenticity of the footage has not yet been outright confirmed, a DICE staff member commented multiple times on the thread without denying that it’s real (but then again, they didn’t confirm it’s real either so…)

YouTube video

Over on Twitter, DICE also didn’t confirm to deny the footage is real, but it’s pretty clear from its response to one player that yeah, it’s legit.

The World War 2-set battle royale is due to release sometime this month, though a set date has yet to be confirmed.

Some veteran Battlefield fans are still lamenting the addition of a battle royale mode into the game at all, but over on Twitter DICE is assuring its fans that the new mode won’t be the core focus of the game.

Credit: EA

Responding to one player’s worries, DICE stated that it’s “Battlefield first” with royale as “an addition” to the experience.

Well, that’s good news!

Although it’s not known when it’s coming, we do know it’s soon. Firestorm has been making an appearance in Battlefield 5‘s Daily Orders, the challenges you complete online for rewards and extra XP [via Reddit].

Credit: EA/DICE

The Firestorm Daily Order asks players to score 500 points in a match…except Firestorm isn’t actually available to play yet. Surely this means it’s nearly ready!

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Featured Image Credit: DICE/EA