The Full Map For Days Gone Has Been Leaked Online

Sony’s hotly-anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone, is out in just a few weeks’ time and it’s looking like another seriously impressive narrative-driven story is about to join the ranks of other PlayStation exclusives including The Last of Us and God of War.

Credit: SIE Bend Studio

Screenshots of the in-game map from Days Gone have begun to surface online following a preview which showed off the game during a press event.

Not only does the glimpse of the map look incredibly huge, but it’s also seemingly highly detailed too. Check out the screenshots below [via SegmentNext].

Credit: SIE Bend Studio

As you can see in the images, there’s a counter to show you all the days gone (see what they did there?) since…well, since the end of the world happened.

Credit: SIE Bend Studio

Days Gone has been confirmed to have a 30-hour storyline, and it’s rumoured to also have six whole hours of cutscenes to enjoy. It’s also been hinted that this isn’t just another fight-to-survive game, but that it’ll have a deeply emotional plot – possibly akin to The Last of Us?

Credit: SIE Bend Studio

Days Gone releases exclusively on PlayStation 4, April 26 2019.

The official description reads: “Step into the dirt flecked shoes of former outlaw biker Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter trying to find a reason to live in a land surrounded by death. Scavenge through abandoned settlements for equipment to craft valuable items and weapons, or take your chances with other survivors trying to eke out a living through fair trade… or more violent means.

“With humanity devastated by a global pandemic and ravaged by feral creatures known as Freakers, any mistake could be your last in your attempt to carve out a new life in the hostile Pacific Northwest high-desert. ”

Will you be picking this up?

Featured Image Credit: SIE Bend Studio