The Intellivision Amico Has Been Delayed For The Third Time

The upcoming Intellivision Amico has been delayed for a third time, according to a recent announcement. Could the console’s third delay harm its success?

Purple Intellivision Amico console
Credit: Intellivision

In an email to fans, Intellivision stated that a component shortage was responsible for the system’s third delay [via VGC]:

“We originally planned to launch Amico in the Fall of 2020 but had to adapt during the midst of the global pandemic disrupting our production.

“Despite our best efforts, and now facing new unprecedented international component supply and logistics challenges beyond our control, we want to apologise as we are forced to push our desired launch date yet again.”

However, it’s not all bad news for Amico fans, as the email also clarifies that the console is still aiming for a 2021 launch:

“In spite of these supply hurdles hampering our ability to fill all orders, we are focused and determined to deliver pre-ordered units by the end of the year. This will also allow us more time to optimise our operating system for future game development.

Amico Anticipation

Whether not the Intellivision Amico manages to launch this year remains to be seen. Sure, the likes of the Xbox Series X and PS5 is also affected by the issue. However, Amico’s continued delay could harm the console’s reputation before launch. While the Amico isn’t in direct competition with any of the console market’s heavy hitters, its launch timing is crucial. If the new Intellivision’s launch ends up coinciding with replenished next-gen stocks, the console could struggle to grab consumer attention.

Intellivision Amico website images
Credit: Intellivision

Let’s hope the Intellivision Amico is still on track for a 2021 launch. While fans will likely be disappointed by further delays, Intellivision is apparently planning on giving all pre-orderers “a very special thank you gift” next week.

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Featured Image Credit: Intellivision Amico