The Last Guardian Movie Is Reportedly In Development

It’s rumoured that charming PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Last Guardian, is getting the silver screen treatment, courtesy of Sony Pictures. The supposed-leak comes from film industry insider Daniel Richtman via FullCircleCinema, though as always, take the rumour with a pinch of salt for now.

Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

According to Richtman, The Last Guardian movie will be penned by Godzilla and Kong: Skull island writer, Max Borenstein. It’s supposedly in the casting stages right now, with four main roles to fill: a 12-year-old for the role of “Boy,” a 27-year-old female who will play the role of a character named Ariana, and a 30-39-year-old man for the role of a character named Ueda. There’s no other details on the unannounced project, but yeah, I’m definitely hoping this is true.

The Last Guardian has been on my list of video games that deserve some love at the cinema, with the charming and touching touching story seeming like the perfect fit for a movie.

Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

In case you aren’t familiar with The Last Guardian, the game’s official description reads as follows: “From Japan Studio comes an unforgettable story of comradeship, trust and extraordinary adventures in a strange, mystical land.

“When a young boy meets a colossal, mysterious creature named Trico, the pair form a deep, unbreakable bond that will help them survive amongst the crumbling ruins and malevolent dangers that surround them.”

Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Video games are a little bit of a sore subject when it comes to the silver screen, thanks to the many hugely disappointing cinematic adaptations we’ve seen in the past. Still, with the backing of Sony, I’m still confident The Last Guardian would make a pretty great film.

Would you like to see a movie adaptation of The Last Guardian?

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