The Last of Us 3 teased with “more stories to tell” says Druckmann

The Last of Us: Part 3 has been teased with having more stories to tell, says Naughty Dog chief, Neil Druckmann.

News of The Last of Us: Part 3 eventually releasing should come as no surprise. After all, The Last of Us series is one of Sony’s most popular and profitable modern franchises.

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The Last of Us 3 has been teased for a while

Back in June 2020, Neil Druckmann teased to British GQ that The Last of Us: Part 3 could be Naughty Dog’s next big title.

Then the following year, Druckmann told IGN that the story for the third game has been written. However, at the time, it hadn’t started development.

Furthermore, in December 2022, industry insider ViewerAnon was reportedly told by sources that development for The Last of Us: Part 3 was underway.

So, it will come as no surprise whatsoever that a third entry would one day arrive. Plus, it would feel a little underwhelming if this series never had a trilogy, at least.

There are more stories to tell

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Credit: Naughty Dog

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, about the upcoming HBO TV series, Druckmann was asked about the prospect of a third game. He simply replied: “I think there’s more story to tell.

As for when The Last of Us: Part 3 might release, it seems that no one knows, except of course Drukmann.

However, those cards will be kept in-house until an official reveal is made. Unless details are leaked, which is always likely.

The Last of Us TV series arrives this month!

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Until the third game arrives, at least we’ll have the live-action adaptation to keep us busy for the foreseeable future.

The Last of Us series from HBO stars Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie.

The Last of Us series will premiere on HBO Max in the US on January 15th and on Sky Atlantic in the UK on January 16th.

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Featured Image Credit: Naughty Dog/Source: The Hollywood Reporter