The Last of Us HBO series casts Henry and Sam brotherly duo

The Last of Us HBO TV series has cast the Henry and Sam brotherly duo. However, their story has changed a little.

Fans of the original The Last of Us will be very familiar with the characters Henry and Sam. I won’t go into spoiler territory in relation to their story, but if you know, you know.

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Henry is the older brother of Sam, and in the game, they are on the run from a group of Hunters. Furthermore, the brothers are searching for the Fireflies hoping to live a better life in this post-apocalyptic world.

In an IGN exclusive, it’s been revealed that Henry will be played by Lamar Johnson, and his younger brother Sam will be played by Keivonn Woodard. Additionally, two new characters in the Naughty Dog franchise have been announced.

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Credit: Naughty Dog/HBO via IGN

What’s new for Sam and Henry in The Last of Us?

Before we read on, I will mention some unavoidable spoilers, but please be advised they are very minor. So don’t worry about having particularly anything ruined, as the information simply relates to where the characters first meet Ellie and Joel.

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Credit: Naughty Dog/HBO via IGN

In the game, Ellie and Joel meet Sam and Henry in Pittsburgh. However, in the HBO TV series, Ellie and Joel meet the brothers in Kansas City. That’s it, that’s the subtle plot change.

Lamar Johnson as Henry and Keivonn Woodard as Sam, brothers in Kansas City hiding from a revolutionary movement seeking vengeance,” reads the official description.

What about the two newbies?

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The two new characters in question are Marlon (played by Graham Greene) and Florence (Elaine Miles). These two new characters are not only new for The Last of Us TV show but they’ve also never been featured in the video games.

Marlon and Florence are described as “a married couple surviving alone in the wilderness of post-apocalyptic Wyoming.

The Last of Us HBO Series wraps up production

We still haven’t had a trailer for The Last of Us TV series, nor have we had a release date. However, the series is expected to release sometime in 2023 after it recently wrapped up production.

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Credit: Sony/Naughty Dog

In the meantime, while you wait for the TV adaptation, The Last of Us: Part 1 releases for PS5 on September 2nd, 2022 and later for PC. This is a remake of the original game that was released for PS3 in 2013 and for PS4 a year later.

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