The Last Of Us Part 2 PS5 Patch Could Be Coming Soon

Naughty Dog is currently working on a PS5 patch for The Last of Us Part 2, according to rumours from an insider.

Credit: Naughty Dog

The insider, ResetEra user Navtra, has accurately leaked various pieces of info in regards to the PS5 in the past. Recently, the ResetEra user leaked information in regards to a Death Stranding Extended Edition.

This time, Navatra has disclosed information regarding The Last of Us Part 2, making the following statement in response to another ResetEra user [via GamesRadar]:

I know a patch was in the work at some point but I’m not sure if it’s still happening or when. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get a patch, though.”

the last of us part 2
Credit: Naughty Dog

It’s needless to say that Naughty Dog has probably considered PS5 enhancements for the game at some point. The PS4 managed to get a remastered edition of The Last of Us, mostly because the game was a massive success on the PS3. While the PS4 lacked any sort of PS3 backwards compatibility, it still made sense for Naughty Dog to enhance the game to fit the PS4’s spec.

While a patch for the game would be nice, you can still play The Last of Us Part 2 on your PS5 with completely acceptable performance, plus some slight DualSense bonuses like haptic feedback when drawing a bow.

Ellie TLOU Part 2
Credit: Naughty Dog

The potential PS5 patch would likely allow the game to run with a higher resolution and/or framerate, as well as any other updates that can now be initiated thanks to the PS5 hardware. There’s also nothing to say that this patch will be free. After all, there’s nothing stopping Naughty Dog from repackaging the game as a remaster, just like it did the first time. 

There’s also bound to be plenty of players who are still playing the game on the PS4, especially since there’s a severe lack of PS5s available for sale. It could be that Naughty Dog has shelved the project until it can reach more users. 

Last Of Us 2 Details The Last Of Us Part 2 Gameplay Reveal
Credit: Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part 2 now has more awards than even The Witcher 3, so it’s extremely unlikely that the game will be left behind with the PS4’s legacy!

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Featured Image Credit: Naughty Dog