The Last of Us director reveals details about possible prequel game

Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann recently revealed that fans almost received a The Last of Us prequel starring Ellie’s mum.

This article will contain spoilers from season one of HBO’s The Last of Us.

The final episode of The Last of Us saw viewers meet Ellie’s mum, Anna. Anna is only ever mentioned in the game series but she has a short, yet impactful role in the series. Played by Ellie’s original voice actor, Ashley Johnson, we meet Anna who is pregnant with Bella Ramsey’s Ellie.

The prequel that never was

During a press conference attended by Variety, Druckmann spoke about the prequel that never was. This would have given us more background on Ellie’s biological mother. 

“There was some stuff written for the mom and dad when we were talking to this other game studio to potentially do a whole Anna game,” Druckmann said. “I’m reluctant to say anything about it, because as I’ve now found out several times, stories that I think are failures and will never see the light of day, sometimes see the light of day.”

Screenshot from episode nine of The Last of Us featuring Ellie and her mum, Anna

Instead, he reveals that he wrote a short script about Anna when he began working on development for the HBO series with Craig Mazin. This would have been for an animated short.

“I wrote this short script about Ellie’s mom, and how she gave birth to Ellie and was bitten at the same time — and wasn’t sure if she was infected during that birth,” Druckmann said. “And it became this little character drama that spoke to the same themes of parental love for their child and how much you’re willing to do, even when you’re on death’s door.”

What’s next for The Last of Us?

Although this project shows no signs of being released anytime soon, we can still look forward to season two of the show. We learned recently that Bella Ramsey will be reprising her role as Ellie despite the time skip between games.

As for the game series, we have been told to expect news of the upcoming multiplayer mode later on in the year. 

Last but not least, The Last of Us Part One will be heading to PC on March 28. Here is everything you need to know including what specs you will need to run it.

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