The Medium On PS5 Will Increase Immersion Using DualSense

Bloober Team’s eerie supernatural horror The Medium is heading to the PlayStation 5 next month. However, despite being originally an Xbox exclusive, the new version of the game has DualSense compatibility that elevates the sensory experience at hand [via Eurogamer].

If you’ve played The Medium, you’ll already be aware of how it blends atmosphere with storytelling. According to Bloober, Sony’s Dualsense will act as “an extension of your senses”:

“Feel, understand, react! See how the DualSense controller is an extension of your senses and how it supports you in travelling and exploring the dual realities of The Medium.”

Naturally, the fact that The Medium is going to feature specific DualSense functionality means the PS5 version of the game is somewhat exclusive. Yet, there is actually still a chance that the game’s Sony controller functionality could be made available to PC gamers. After all, Ubisoft has brought DualSense features to PC versions of its games, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Therefore, perhaps Bloober will update both the PC version of the game after the PS5 launch.

YouTube video

Here’s hoping The Medium’s DualSense compatibility is worth the hype. While Xbox owners won’t be able to experience the pad’s unique quirks, perhaps Microsoft will eventually upgrade its controller to support similar features.

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Featured Image Credit: Bloober Team/Sony