This Game Will Give You $5K If You Manage To Beat It And You Can Play For Free

There’s few greater incentives in life than money and if you’d love to win yourself a tasty $5k simply by beating a video game then 99Floors might be worth your time, as it’s giving away the money to the first person who completed the game.

The catch? 99Floors is yet to be beaten by anyone and it sounds like it could be one of the most difficult games ever created. 

According to developer Luke Powell the game is: “a punishing roguelite platformer, with emphasis on fast paced combat.  

“The player must hack n’ slash their way through 99 consecutive procedurally generated floors of increasing difficulty. The 99 Floors are spread across ten different stages, consisting of unique environments, monsters, loot, and traps.” 

You can purchase the game directly from its site, or you can even play in-browser for absolutely free, but the dev does warn that the in-browser version can be a bit laggy, which definitely won’t help your chances of survival.

As for the cash prize, the $5000 is up for grabs for one lucky (and incredibly skilled) gamer, but there’s a reason the prize money hasn’t been won yet… 

On the game’s official website Powell states: “There is a reason no one has managed to beat the entire 99Floors. Look at any YouTube or Twitch streams and you will see that this game is insanely hard.  

“If you are here thinking you will spend $10 and beat this game on your first try and win the cash pool then you have no idea what you are getting yourself into.  

“You will die again and again in countless different ways and probably want to smash your computer.

“At the time of writing this the highest floor anyone has reached (that I am aware of) is floor 90. While that does prove this conquest can be done, please do not mistake this for thinking this is easy.” 

If you think you’ve got what it takes to rise up to the challenge here then get yourself the game right here. Let us know if you’ve played 99Floors.