The new Witcher saga is ‘more than one game’ says CDPR

The new Witcher game in development could be one of many, according to CD Projekt.

The new Witcher game was revealed back in March this year. It was then that CD Projekt confirmed that the game is kicking off a whole new saga for the franchise. However, the company didn’t share many details beyond that.

Recently, president and CEO Adam Kicinski said that the company is planning to release a number of new Witcher games. He said “We have in mind more than one. The first saga was three games, and now we are thinking about more than one game.”

Credit: CD Projekt

He also confirmed that the studio is in pre-production of “the first game from the second Witcher saga.” It’s thought that this neew saga will not be starring Geralt of Rivia. Some have theorised that it could be based on Ciri, and a brand new school based on the Lynx.

A New Saga

The next Witcher game will also move to Unreal Engine 5 as part of a new multi-year deal with Epic Games. CD Projekt Red has used its own engine, the REDengine, to build its games before, so this is a big switch from what they’re used to.

Pawet Zawodny at CD Projekt Red said “Both we and Epic see this as a long-term, fulfilling tech partnership. This cooperation is so exciting, because it will elevate development predictability and efficiency, while simultaneously granting us access to cutting- edge game development tools. I can’t wait for the great games we’re going to create using Unreal Engine 5.”


Also, CD Projekt Red confirmed that the studio is not planning to make the game exclusive to a single store. There were rumours that it could be an Epic Games Store exclusive, but those have been shot down. We’ll have to wait for more info to know exactly what they’re planning.

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