Reports Suggest The Next Pokémon Anime Series Will Be a Fresh Reboot

The Next Pokémon Anime Series Will Be A Reboot Set Across All Regions

It’s not over-estimation to say that Pokémon is one of, if not the most beloved anime series of all-time.  Ever since the anime series began in 1997 with the video games Pokémon Red, Green and Blue all releasing in 1996, each and every year, the franchise has been going from strength to strength, especially with the ever-increasing popularity of mobile game, Pokémon Go.

Since the beginning, the series has primarily been about the adventures of the lovable duo, Ash Ketchum and his best friend, Pikachu.  However, after more than two decades of investment by loyal fans, it seems that things are about to change in a big way.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Starter Evolutions
Credit: Nintendo

With each and every season, Ash as a Pokémon trainer has had the honour of winning the prestigious Pokémon League taken from his grasps, with the most recent of series’ being his closet yet, which then saw Ash retreat to the Alola region following his latest defeat.


Recent reports from suggest that following the next Pokémon Sun/Moon series, a full reboot will follow, which includes all the regions potentially being rebooted too.  The official reveal is set to take place later this month on September 29th and apparently the new series will be called Pocket Monsters, potentially a reference to the original TV series from 1997, and rather than focusing on one region, it will in-fact focus on them all.

Nintendo Soup have also weighed in on this subject and have pointed out that the font used in the logos seen in the tweets below, are the same logo’s which were used for the 20th and 21st Pokémon movies, which also acted as reboots.

What this exactly means for the series is unknown, at least until the details are announced with official reveal at the end of this month.  But do let us know what you think this means for the series and which direction you believe the series will go, across our social media channels.


Featured Image Credit: The Pokémon company