The UK Is Officially Getting Its First-Ever Pokémon Center

Cancel your flights to Japan because the UK is officially getting its own Pokémon Center!

Announcing the news on Twitter, the Pokémon UK account writes:

“It’s happening, Trainers!

“Pokémon Center London
“Westfield London, Shepherd’s Bush.

Credit: The Pokemon Company

“Popping up for a limited time only this October. Further details will be revealed in the coming months!”

For those not in the know, Pokémon Centers are pretty much a paradise for Pokémon fans. Think The Disney Store but for everyone’s favourite pocket monsters.

There are currently 11 Pokémon Centers in the world, and they’re all located in Japan (of course), so for one to be coming to the UK is a seriously Big Deal.

There is, of course, Nintendo New York, which was once a Pokémon Center. It’s now more focused on all Nintendo IPs, not just Pokémon, so whether or not you count it as a Pokémon Center is up to you.

Credit: The Pokemon Center

Sadly, the London store won’t be around forever, and since it’s a seriously Big Deal, expect long queues, high prices and disappointed faces when this pop-up shop opens later this year and everything sells out in a matter of minutes.

It’s believed that the store will only be around for a month, from  October 18 to November 15, 2019, but let’s hope it becomes a permanent fixture for Brits. The UK is sorely in need of a Pokémon Center!

Credit: The Pokemon Company

“You really only gonna open a temporary store in europe’s biggest shopping centre. Please make it permanent,” tweeted one of hundreds of people crying out for the shop to stay forever.

Come on, Nintendo! Pretty please?!

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo