These Are The World’s Most Popular Gaming Tattoos

For games that have such a lasting impact on players, there’s nothing better than getting a part of that game tattooed onto your body. Whether it be a favourite character, impactful quote, or just a stunning piece of art, gamers are known for having some of the best tats out there.

But which gaming characters have been incarnated in body ink the most? That’s what one research team set out to find. By scouring Instagram hashtags, the UK Casino regulation site has compiled a list of the most popular gaming characters to be tattooed.

Who’s the most tattooed gaming character?

The character ranking at the top of the list might not surprise you given their global appeal. With over 21,000 Instagram posts under the hashtag, Pikachu is found to be the most popular character that gamers want on their bodies. Who can argue with that choice? The loveable Pokemon character is important to millions of people across the world, appearing in the beloved game series and subsequent cartoons.

This one from SlipperyJackTattoos looks especially awesome with the whole Pokemon squad together.

The number two rank might also not shock you – it’s everyone’s favourite Italian plumber, Mario. Body art of the mustachioed man was found in over 19,000 Instagram posts. Just like Pikachu, Mario has been around for decades, serving as a childhood icon for many gamers. What better way to celebrate his legacy than to carry around an image of him forever?

We love this pixel art version of Mario from HalifaxTatoo_UK. It fits in really well next to the Zelda triforce!

Last up on the list is Kratos from God of War. I’d argue that Kratos is the character that suits a tattoo design the best. Not only because the God of War himself has a few impressive tats, but because he merges well with other tattoos that people might have. Especially with the Norse reboot on the PS4, anyone sporting a Viking themed sleeve will find that Kratos fits right at home on their body.

What are the most popular gaming series to tattoo?

Alongside the most popular gaming character tattoos, the research team also compiled a list of the most popular game series tattoos. Nintendo is on a roll with this list – Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario all take the top three spots here. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy are also popular picks.

God of War, Bioshock, and The Witcher follow closely behind. With the Netflix series taking off, it’s great to see more Witcher fans emerging. The series saw several references at the recent Olympics, thanks to its newfound popularity.

It’s always great to see people expressing their favourite gaming series through their tattoos. Do you have any gaming tattoos of your own? Show them to us over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: SEGA