These Awesome Apex Legends-Inspired Shoes Are Winning The Internet

Reddit’s r/ApexLegends forum is a great place for players of Respawn Entertainment’s game to gather and share their hints, tips and fan art for the game.

Every once in a while someone will share an Apex Legends creation that’s so fantastic, so awesome and so glorious that it’s actually a little sad that whatever they’ve made isn’t available for the masses.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

This time around it’s Redditor and Apex Legends fan cle801, who’s made one of the most impressive pairs of fictional shoes we’ve ever seen (yes, this is actually a 3D image and not a real pair of shoes). Oh and they also happen to be inspired by the one and only Octane.

The post, which has nearly 30k upvotes at the time of writing, shows off an image of the highly detailed Nike shoes, which have been carefully created to represent all things Octane.

Check out the killer sneakers in the image below!

Credit: Reddit/cle801

Impressive right?!

Unfortunately, being fan-created art and all, these aren’t going to be available to buy anytime soon, whether IRL or in-game.

On a different thread about the shoes, another Redditor went into some detail about the art, writing: ” I went to school for 3D (don’t work in it anymore) but this render is really well done.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

“It’s the chromatic aberration, too perfect, and duplicated laces left and right that gave it away. But your HDRI and lens matching is like spot on! Design is great too!”

It’s not the first time that Redditor cle801 has designed some game-inspired shoes.

Check out this Apex Legends Bloodhound-inspired sneaker!

Credit: Reddit/cle801

I wonder if there’s anyone out there who can recreate these designs in real life? I definitely need some Apex Legends shoes to add to my wardrobe…

Come on EA, get these made!

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/cle801