This amazing The Last of Us Clicker bust is a cake!

This amazing The Last of Us Clicker bust is actually a cake. I’ve never wanted to eat something so gloriously disgusting in my life.

This incredible cake is made by the award-winning master of bakers, Bell Cullen. Like seriously, this looks like an expensive bust that you’d pay a premium price for to put on display.

Would you eat The Last of Us Clicker cake?

I’d be torn as to whether I’d want to eat this cake. However, to be fair, it would just melt and go mouldy if displayed. So I guess I’d begrudgingly eat it.

The cake is inspired by the smash-hit HBO series, rather than the video games. At the time of writing, The Last of Us TV series from HBO is proving to be a massive success and we’re only into its third episode.

the last of us clicker cake
Credit: TheBakeKing/Naughty Dog/HBO

The HBO series is proving to be a massive success

Episode one of the series pulled in a whopping 4.7 million viewers in the US alone and that’s not taking into account worldwide figures. However, as reported by Deadline, the second episode pulled in 5.7 million viewers in the US and a further 6.4 million viewers for episode three.

This means that the third episode saw an increase of 12% over the second episode and 37% over its premiere. As a result of its early success, season two of The Last of Us has already been renewed by HBO.

annie werching the last of us

The Last of Us has lost a shining star

In more sombre news, the voice of Tess from the video game series, Annie Wersching recently passed away at the age of just 45, following a battle with cancer.

There is currently a GoFundMe launched to help support the family. GameByte shares its deepest condolences with Wersching’s family and friends.

Featured Image Credit: TheBakeKing/Naughty Dog