This Company Will Conduct Your Interview Over A Game Of Fortnite 

If you’ve missed the boat on becoming the world’s most famous Twitch Fortnite player then you’ll be pleased to know that all your V-Bucks haven’t gone to waste. 

A marketing agency in France is hiring for internship roles, and their interview process is a little unusual, as you’ll be discussing your skill set and experience over a game of Fortnite. 

If you’re applying for the role then you’ll be asked to join Dare.Win for a match. It definitely sounds like one hell of an interview, as it can be hard enough to nab yourself a Victory Royale without the added pressure of interview questions with a complete stranger…

According to a BBC report, Dare.Win has stated that Fortnite’s gameplay is a good indicator of how well a candidate might fit into the company’s “entertainment-focused brand.” 

Taking a look at some of the brands the company works with, including YouTube and PlayStation itself, it’s easy to see why a round of Fortnite could bring the best candidates to the forefront. 

Manon Fargelat, communications manager for the agency, has stated that it’s not the easiest process, saying: “It’s hard even for us, to ask and answer questions and focus on the answers. 

“It’s in collaboration – we are here to meet people and have fun.” 

For those who don’t have the skills for a Victory Royale, you can still request a ‘normal’ interview, but you might not look as good as those willing to get stuck right into a match with their prospective employer. 

YouTube video

Unsurprisingly, BBC reports that the agency has had a whopping amount of interest, with people from all over the world applying for the internship. 

What do you think, is this a good way to recruit or is this agency favouring those who have a particular affinity with Epic Games’ Fortnite?