This Cyberpunk Mod Makes Your Lifepath Choices More Meaningful

A mod will change up your apartment in Cyberpunk 2077 to match your Lifepath. With one out, there are two more mods to come to give your place some personality.

The advertising for Cyberpunk 2077 caused a lot of misconceptions about the game. In the mess of the months after the game’s launch, many flaws of the game were discussed. One that got less attention was the limited impact of the Lifepath choices. It doesn’t alter much about your journey through the game – your Lifepath doesn’t affect much more than a few dialogue options once you’re past the intro.

Cyberpunk Apartment mod

Now a modder has added a new way for your Lifepath to manifest: your apartment. In real life, our homes often reflect our personalities and professions. Now your apartment in Night City in Cyberpunk can too. 

Credit: ProximaDust

The modder, ProximaDust, has posted their Cyberpunk Lifepath apartment mod to Nexusmods. The first of the mods, “Corpo Zen Apartment”, adds heaps more personality into V’s place. We’re loving the aesthetic!  As reported by The Gamer, there are two more mods to come: Street Kid Crash Pad and Nomad Roadhouse.

Cyberpunk came out last December. Since then it has had numerous updates and patches to make it more playable. It was initially booted from the PlayStation store and had to work hard to get relisted again. As we wrote about in this article on CD Projekt Red asking for feedback, a large percentage of their team is still working on improving the game. And there’s more content on the way. It’s a shame that players are still having to mod in world-building details, fleshing out the bare-bones world of Cyberpunk 2077. But the apartment mods are very cool. 

Do you play Cyberpunk 2077? Are you tempted to download this apartment mod? Let us know via our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: ProximaDust