This Is How Tall Steve From Minecraft Really Is

Xbox have confirmed this very important piece of information about the height of the boxy video game icon, Minecraft Steve.

Steve is one of the default skins in the insanely popular game. In a recent Tweet, Xbox have confirmed that Steve is 6’2” or 1.87 meters tall. So he’s actually pretty tall! A good 10 centimetres taller than the average man in the UK (which is 5’9” or 1.75 meters). 

Now, using this important metric, Minecraft players might be able to work out the relative sizes of all sorts of other creatures in Minecraft. If you can work out how big the cute new froggy boys are, please let me know.

GameRant reported that fans’ reactions to Steve’s height were mixed. Some felt he was too tall, some complained that they didn’t care how tall he was, others complained that the average height of men across the whole world is 5’7”. Looking at the stats – the confusion could come from an American-centric worldview (the average height for men in the US is the same as here in the UK – 1.75 metres or 5’9”)

The implications of Steve’s height

Steve’s height does set up a bit of a strange logic loop. Steve is around the same height as Alex, the other Minecraft default skin. In Super Smash Bros, Mario and Steve are the same height. Does that make Mario 6’2”? If so, how tall are the people in Super Mario Odyssey? Is he in the land of the giants?! My god – how tall is Peach? Is she the new Lady Dimitrescu?

Credit: Nintendo

Maybe not – maybe Alex is actually the same height as Mario has previously been confirmed to be by Nintendo:  4’ 11”. Why do I feel like I’m back doing GCSE maths? My head hurts.

What do you think about this revelation about the height of Minecraft Steve? Does it change how you think of him? Let us know via our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Mojang