Isabelle & Doom Slayer Cosplay Crossover Is Absolute Perfection

This Isabelle and Doom Slayer crossover is quite possibly the most perfect cosplay that I’ve ever seen, and it’s taken social media by storm.

isabelle acnh
Credit: Nintendo

The combination of Animal Crossing’s Isabelle and the Doom Slayer from DOOM might be the most random combination we’ve seen in gaming, so how and why did it happen?

Well, the answer to that question is a very simple one. When Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal released in 2020 they shared the same March 20th release date.

Both games might very well be polar opposites, but ever since their joint release, the internet has been flush with cute and cuddly memes of the duo.

So with that said, more than a year after both games released, we are still being treated to Isabelle and Doom Slayer goodness, namely with a piece of quite amazing cosplay.

The cosplay in question comes from the immensely talented Mads, who has fused together both Isabelle and Doom Slayer into one amazing outfit.

RIP and CARE” said Mads on Twitter, putting her own spin on the DOOM slogan of “Rip and Tear”.

The attention to detail on this outfit is simply sublime and is easily one of my favourite pieces of cosplay that I have ever seen. Even the Super Shotgun with the Meat Hook is incredible!

On Mad’s Twitter page the talented cosplayer has been posting updates of the development process of the Isabelle and Doom Slayer cosplay crossover.

Mads has also teased that she’ll work on a proper dedicated Doom Slayer outfit in the future. I can’t wait!

Back in February, DOOM director Hugo Martin teased that id Software had considered creating a woman Doom Slayer. So perhaps Mad’s forthcoming Slayer outfit might actually be a real thing in the series one day!

Is there a crossover that you would like to see Mads create in the future? If so, why not head on over to her Twitter, give her a follow and let her know. You can also support her via Ko-Fi!

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