This Lord Of The Rings Skyrim Mod Is Everything You Need And More

Move aside, Lord of the Rings Online.

Credit: Bethesda/Maldaran
Before Tamriel and before Westeros there was Middle Earth. From the calm serenity of Rivendell to the cosy hills and well-worn paths of the Shire, Middle Earth was the place millions of people wanted to escape to, and thanks to video games we had a decent chance to.

Credit: Bethesda/Maldaran

Although most of the Lord of the Rings games came in the form of battle titles, the MMO The Lord of the Rings Online allowed the freedom and space for LOTR fans to go wild. Whether you wanted to walk the path of the Fellowship or delve into the history of the Second Age, LOTRO was (and still is) the place to do it.

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However, if you’ve had your fill of LOTRO then you might want to check out the final version of this fan-created LOTR Skyrim mod.

Credit: Bethesda/Maldaran

The ambitious project, known as The Elder Scrolls V Middle-Earth, will allow you to do everything from visiting famous spots from the books and movies to taking part in the Battle of Helm’s Deep and even battling the Balrog.

Speaking to Eurogamer, the the 26-year-old creator of the mod, Maldaran said “a very very small part” is worried about a potential takedown of the mod, which happened to a previous LOTR-inspired creation, known as MERP.


Maldaran told Eurogamer: “There are some differences between my mod and theirs.
Credit: Bethesda/Maldaran

“Firstly I still work with Skyrim objects and put them together to [create] new content. MERP [the taken-down LOTR mod] recreated stuff from the movies in 3D software. I think that was a point Warner [Bros.] didn’t like, I think they saw this as direct copying.

“Secondly the MERP project was team [effort] by gamers all around the world and they were looking for more members, had a Facebook page, Twitter accounts, fansites and all this advertising stuff. Maybe this was in Warner’s eyes some kind of ‘founding a company’.”

Credit: Bethesda/Maldaran

The mod is absolutely glorious, and if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan then it’s a must-see.

Download The Elder Scrolls V Middle-Earth right here!

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda/Maldaran

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