This Sims 4 glitch is keeping the Grim Reaper busy

A new glitch has slipped its way into The Sims 4 after its latest update, and now the Grim Reaper has his hands full.

July 24th saw a new update for The Sims 4. This latest update brought with it fan-requested additions to the game like round walls, wants and fears, sexual orientation and more. Though what fans didn’t ask for was a new glitch to enter the game.

This new glitch, as discovered by fans last Tuesday, ages up Sims exponentially. Sims who become elders are instantly dying and being greeted by the Grim Reaper himself since the latest update came to the game.

It’s terrifying enough that if you die in The Sims, you’re greeted by the Grim Reaper, but now it seems Sims will get to meet him sooner than they would have wanted. Toddlers are quickly becoming children, Teens are quickly becoming young adults. And the elder Sims have no luck as they’re quickly becoming dead.


The developers and Gurus at The Sims, are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. But in the meantime, it’s recommended that you play new save files with the default life span option enabled.

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Fans Are Requesting Another Glitch Fix

If the fact your Sims may be all dying off quickly isn’t already worrying, fans have been quick to make The Sim’s developers aware of another recent glitch. The fact some of their Sims are suddenly wanting to date their own siblings.

The latest update brought back ‘wants and fears’, a feature that was originally part of The Sim’s 2. When The Sims 4 was originally released, the feature was replaced with ‘Whims’. Fans always felt like Whims didn’t cater too well with their Sims personalities, and so it’s finally been replaced with a system fans of The Sims 2 will recognise.

However, I doubt players requested the additional feature of their Sims wanting to date their own siblings. Those playing The Sims 4 since the update, are finding their own Sim’s siblings listed under their requested relationships. And with no ability to dismiss the wants of your Sim, there’s no way of getting around it. Some players have even had their Sims wishing to date their own dead parents.

This is happening to players regardless if they have any mods installed, so hopefully, the Sims Gurus will act quickly to fix it, along with the ageing glitch, as soon as possible.

The Sims 4 can be a weird and wonderful experience to play. Though I don’t think ageing rapidly and Sims dating their own siblings, are things players want to continue experiencing.

Featured Image Credit: EA. Source: ScreenRant.


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