This Stardew Valley Mod Makes The Game Playable For Blind People

Stardew Valley is already a very accessible game. However, this mod will make the game playable for blind people.

First released in 2016, Stardew Valley is one of the most beloved indie darlings of all time. Developed and published by ConcernedApe, the game has been well supported by constant updates over the years.

Only recently have updates begun to slow down with a new game from Concerned Ape on the horizon called the Haunted Chocolatier. Yet, that hasn’t stopped the gaming community from offering its own updates, and this latest mod might be the best yet, developed by Shoaib Khan.

The mod in question will make Stardew Valley more playable for blind gamers. According to its page, the accessibility mod will use a screen reader for keyboard support. At this time, the mod is only being developed for PC windows.

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How will this mod work?

“The mod has a keybind that narrates health and stamina/energy and a keybind that narrates the current tile position of the player,” says Kahn in a blog post. “The mod also reads all the various dialogues including the ones which have a choice in them.

Furthermore, the mod: “can also read some menus and inventories along with some small features. There is also a feature called read tile which is in development and narrates the objects, crops, and stuff on the tile the player is looking at, which is usually the tile adjacent to the player’s position according to the direction the player is facing.

Screenshot of a farm in Stardew Valley
Credit: Concerned Ape

And the Snap Mouse feature snaps the mouse cursor to the tile that read tile feature uses. These features cover the basic things required to play the game and more features are being added frequently.

If you want to learn more about the mods developed by Shoaib Khan, you can check out the modders Patreon page here.

YouTube video

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber and have never played Stardew Valley, then you’re in luck because this indie darling is available via the subscription service right now. 

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Featured Image Credit: ConcernedApe