This Superfan Has Created Amazing The Witcher Lego Minifigures

There’s nothing more nostalgic, more satisfying or more colourful than Lego, and when Lego collaborates with your favourite franchises it really brings out the warm fuzzies in you (at least until you step on an errant brick).

Unfortunately, there are some collaborations that we’ll probably never to get to see in tiny yellow minifig form, and even more unfortunately, a lot of those are gaming collabs.

Credit: Lego/Disney

Franchises like The Legend of Zelda, The Last of Us and even God of War would make absolutely amazing sets, but it’s really unlikely we’ll ever actually get to see official ones on the shelves.

Thankfully, the internet is filled with incredibly talented Lego superfans, and there are few more skilled than Christian Schmidt. Schmidt recently shared his take on The Witcher Lego, and I pretty much just want to throw money at the screen.

Credit: CD Projekt Red

His flawless creations were recently shared by the official The Witcher Twitter account, where they’ve gotten a lot of love from Geralt fans.

Another seriously impressive creation from Schmidt is this Geralt BrickHeadz, which I really need in my life.

Lego seriously needs to hire this guy!!

Would you pick up any of these creations?

Credit: Lego

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/drzarkow