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This TikTok User Is Remaking Classic Resident Evil Moments

A TikTok user is recreating classic Resident Evil moments and we love them! Oh, by the way, does anyone have a spare green herb?

TikTok is certainly a weird place, for better or worse. However, it is also a fantastic social media platform for individuals to express their creativity. One such creative user is lake_skywalker.

The TikTok user has recreated moments that Resident Evil fans will appreciate, with added humour. One particular favourite clip of mine features a cosplayer navigating their way through a warehouse full of zombies.

We love these!

Not only do the costumes for both Leon and the zombies look impressive, but the creators of the clips have also gone the added extra mile too. Leon moves around inspired by retro survival horror tank controls; we even have a user interface inspired by the original Resident Evil 2.

If that was not enough authenticity for you, the eerie soundtracks have also been taken from the game, so too have the instantly recognisable sound effects.

RE 4 battle
Credit: Capcom

Seriously, does anyone have a spare Green Herb?

One other clip that certainly made me laugh is a throwback to how characters in the old-school Resident Evil games would be near death and would limp their way through the streets of Raccoon City. However, they would still manage sprint up and down stairs without a single problem.

Recently, another talented TikTok user even recreated moments from 2006’s Wii Sports. Are you impressed with the humorous Resident Evil recreations of lake_skywalker? Share your thoughts across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom/@lake_skywalker