Tom Holland Says His Idea For A Bedroom Scene Was Rejected By Marvel

In a recent interview, Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland says that his sex scene idea was rejected by Marvel Studios.

Credit: Marvel/Disney/Sony

As covered by Comicbook, the star of the upcoming Uncharted movie, says that Marvel Studios had rejected his idea for a sex scene in the next Spider-Man movie.

When speaking to Capital FM host Roman Kemp, Holland jokingly claimed: “I said ‘I think we should have a really passionate sex scene,’ and they’re like no, I don’t think so.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Holland seems to a bit of a joker and while I do believe he proposed the sex scene idea to Marvel Studios, I have no doubts that it was meant in a cheeky, tongue-in-cheek kind of way. At least I hope so?

Holland added: “I mean I was writing scenes, and writing ideas, and coming up with set pieces, and just sending them off to Marvel. And a lot of them they were like ‘No dude, that’s a terrible idea.’

But then there were a couple they took and they’re in the movie and stuff, so it’s a movie that I’m like really, really, involved in, not just as an actor.

You can watch the clip of Tom Holland making the claim in the TikTok video below.


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Spider-Man: No Way Home will launch in cinemas this year on December 17th.

This week Tom Holland celebrated his 25th birthday, so all at GameByte would like to wish him a happy belated birthday!


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