Top Cosplayer Has Strong Words For Overly-Enthusiastic Fans

For as long as there’s been celebrities, there’s been fans who struggle to find the boundaries between what’s acceptable behaviour around their heroes, and what isn’t.

Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

Unfortunately, the world of gaming and cosplaying is no different, and it’s sad to see how common it is to hear of fans overstepping the boundaries and causing stress, fear and worry for the celebs they’re supposed to adore.

Over on Twitter, professional cosplayer Jessica Nigri shared a very stern message to warn fans not to go to the homes of their idols.

She writes: “I hate to have to say this…I shouldn’t have to say this…

“It is never okay to come to someone’s house you follow online.

Credit: Instagram/Jess Nigri

“Good intentions or not, please please please respect people’s privacy. Coming to their homes is NEVER OKAY. FOR ANY REASON.”

The tweet has absolutely blown up, with thousands of people expressing their sadness at the message and even to share similar experiences of their own.

Credit: Instagram/jacksepticeye

YouTube gamer JackSepticEye responded with his own story of obsessed fans, and it’s no secret that other Twitch and YouTube stars have had to move homes for their own safety.

This seems to be a growing problem, and it’s one of many reasons why some content creators no longer record content in their own homes.

It’s great to be part of a fandom, but don’t end up hurting – or scaring – the thing you love.



Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Jess Nigri