Troy Baker Discusses Josh Brolin As Joel In HBO’s The Last Of Us

HBO’s The Last of Us series is already getting fans drooling despite us knowing next to nothing about the production. Since its announcement earlier this year, gamers have been wondering who might be best to play the characters of Joel and Ellie. It turns out that even the cast of the game have been wondering the same!

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In an interview with Collider, Troy Baker admitted that Brolin would be one heck of a choice to take on the role of Joel, though he might not be the most perfect fit.

“I think on its face, literally, Josh Brolin would be a knockout choice,” he told the publication. “But I don’t know if I would walk away learning something different about Joel.”

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I definitely agree that the HBO show-version of Joel should teach us more about the character than the games do, and I’m keen to see which actors that line of thinking pushes forward.

“I’m in a great position,” Troy continued. “Because either A) Somebody steps into that role. And [I’ll be] like, ‘Damn, dude, I never thought about that, wow, what an interesting choice.’ Or B) They suck, and people go, ‘Only Troy can play Joel.’ So either way I win.”

We might not know about the series’ cast yet, but the show already has some star-studded names on board. The games’ director and writer, Neil Druckmann is signed up, along with Craig Mazin, who spearheaded HBO’s mega-successful mini-series, Chernobyl. Druckmann will be co-writing and producing the show, while Mazin will also be writing and serving as executive producer.

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Credit: Naughty Dog

The pilot episode of The Last of Us has now also secured itself a director in Johan Renck, whose previous directorial work includes Bates Motel and Chernobyl.

In an interview with Discussing Film, Renck said the following: “I’m an executive producer on it and attached to it. It’s an ongoing TV series. So that’s not something that I will be able to take on to that extent, but I’m part of that series and I will be directing at least the pilot. Then we’ll see how it goes on further.”

Hopefully we’ll be hearing more sooner rather than later!

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