Truckload Of Graphics Cards Stolen In Recent Heist

A truckload of stolen GeForce graphics cards was seized by a group of robbers looking to capitalise on the world’s stock shortages.

As posted in the EVGA forum, a shipment of GeForce RTX 30-Series Graphics Cards was stolen as a result of a highway heist. EVGA urged potential buyers of the stolen goods to be aware of suspicious sellers looking to make a quick profit.

Please take notice that on October 29, 2021, a shipment of EVGA GeForce RTX 30-Series Graphics Cards was stolen from a truck en route from San Francisco to our Southern California distribution center,” wrote an EVGA product manager. “These graphics cards are in high demand, and each has an estimated retail value starting at $329.99 up to $1959.99 MSRP.

EVGA reminded potential buyers that it’s a criminal offence to possess stolen goods. Furthermore, they also know the registration for every graphic card. This also means that stolen cards cannot be registered for warranty purposes.

EVGA GeForce
Credit: EVGA

Furthermore, EVGA has also set up an email address encouraging anyone that knows any further information regarding the stolen cards.

Criminals taking advantage of the worldwide PC component shortages should come as little surprise. In July this year, a CPU smuggling operation was seized with a black market value in the millions.

To conclude, the moral of the story is, crime doesn’t pay and don’t buy stolen goods.

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Featured Image Credit: EVGA / Starbreeze