Twitch Is Removing ‘Simp’ Emotes Due To Harassment Concerns

It’s been revealed that Twitch will be working hard to curb the use of “simp” emotes across the livestreaming platform. For those who don’t know, the term is usually used when talking about thirst (over people, not beverages) but it’s a pretty divisive one, with many people condemning the term. It carries some negativity with it, and Twitch is apparently not too pleased with its usage.

Credit: Twitch

As discovered by Kotaku, the platform has been deleting emotes that contain the word, with at least 15 different streamers having been affected. One of these is Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan.

Fedmyster recently spoke on stream to his followers, telling them that his “FedSimp” emote had been removed by Twitch “for targeted harassment and bullying.”


Many content creators are taking issue with the removals, and when approached by Kotaku, Twitch issued the following statement: “Our community guidelines prohibit harassment, and as a part of this, we deny emotes that are designed to abuse or demean others, or can be misused for such behaviour.”

“My community never used it with ill intent,” said Gaytan to Kotaku. “It was mostly banter and, in some cases, a compliment. Really unfortunate… One of my favourite emotes.”

Twitch’s community guidelines are once again being questioned due to the new crackdown. On Twitter, one user criticised: “Twitch are cracking down on ‘Simp’ emotes. In other news it’s fine to show your t*t off, throw your cat, feed your cat vodka, break [terms of service] every stream and be ok.”


Despite the controversial decision and the backlash received, it looks as though Twitch is still continuing to crack down on the use of the term. Do you think it’s a good idea for Twitch to remove emotes with the word “simp” in them?

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Featured Image Credit: Twitch