Two 16-Year-Olds Have Just Released Their First Game On Steam 

What had you accomplished by the time you were 16? If you were anything like us, it probably wasn’t much, but some 16 year olds are actually pretty talented apparently. 

Alter Army, a brand-new action platformer has just made its way to the Steam store, but what makes this “hardcore fast paced” game different to its competitors is that its creators are two 16 year olds. 

Wow. Check out the trailer below.

YouTube video

Developed and published by Vague Pixels, a team of just two teens, the game is already doing really well on Steam, garnering 80% Positive reviews since it launched at the beginning of August 2018. 

Writing to the page just a few days before its release, Vague Pixels stated: “[the game is] finally releasing after two and a half years of hardwork, coupled with stressful school time, parents expectations and a lot of ups and downs!!” 

The developers describe the game as:”a hardcore fast paced action platformer with punchy combat overflowing with game feels. Explore a dying civilization and find out what happened and why you are here collecting crystals.

  • “Battles in closed Spaces: Every time you collect the crystal, walls will form putting you into a closed space with monsters! 
  • “Unique Biomes: The game takes place in four different themed biomes, Forest, Snow, Mutated Forest, Hell. These areas are filled with NPCs each having their own back stories. 
  • “Unique bosses: At the end of each biome you are faced with a unique boss, with a very distinct set of attacks. The Game also has two mini bosses which come twice each with completely different set of attacks 
  • “Large variety of monsters: The game features almost 50 monsters each with their own unique attacks 
  • “Vast areas to Explore: Each Biome is divided into vast different areas filled with remains of once thriving civilization and secrets. 
  • “Tough but fair combat: The fight sequences are all hand crafted to give you the best experience possible. Game Balances out unfairness with the help of Drones and Health packs. Difficulty is also adjusted dynamically” 

Add the game to your Steam library for just £3.99, or grab it right now with a 10% discount. 

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